We’re still having this conversation about people violating others for choosing to follow a certain religion. The extremists in the picture above took their dislike for the Islamic religion to another level by showing up to the protest with guns in arm. Click more to check out the video!

On Friday, a group of hundreds of protestors showed up at an Arizona mosque denouncing the religion and calling out to what the describe as “tyranny of Islam in America.” Along with violating the mosque and its supporters by cursing at them and wearing clothes that also show their dislike for the religion, they also showed up bearing arms, making the protest that much more intense.

The protest was not one-sided though. Manu supporters and followers of the Islamic faith were in attendance as well and they did not just lay down to the disrespect that they were receiving from the Anti-Muslims. The two groups were divided by a a line of troopers who were there to maintain “peace” and make sure the protest did not cross the line and get physical.

The Protest…

One Anti-Protestor by the name of Jon Ritzheimer spoke to reporters saying he would like to see more events like this take place in the country so they can stand up against the resistance that it Islam, “I want fellow patriots standing right here next to me. This isn’t about me. Everybody’s been thinking it, I’m just saying it.” SMH. People can’t even go to get right with their God in peace without worrying about getting shot at?

Similarly, one follower of the Islamic faith spoke on the matter and said he was not surprised by the anti-muslims, “This is not new. Hatred, bigotry, racism — that’s old. It’s the same thing. No different from Nazis or neo-Nazis. They don’t believe society should be multicultural or multiethnic. They think everyone should believe like them, I guess.” In a country where it is every citizens right to speak on things they do not agree with, it is inevitable that we will see things like this continue to go down.


Source: Washington Post