Although he’s been vocal about his upcoming ventures in music, Kid Cudi has remained fairly mum about his involvement in the upcoming Entourage movie. The Indicud emcee has been getting more active in the world of film as of late. With roles in Need For Speed and HBO’s “How To Make It In America” already under his belt, Scott Mescudi is on his way to becoming an established rapper-turned-actor. Recently, Cudi spoke about his intentions for each new film role and who he’ll be portraying in the new Entourage film. Watch what he had to say after the jump!

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Kid Cudi revealed that he will be playing Allen, Ari Gold’s assistant, in the new Entourage movie. In a new video interview, Cudder explained his role and said that he hoped to play a character that was completely different from his everyday persona.

“The character I play, his name is Allen,” said Scott Mescudi. “And he is Ari Gold’s newest assistant after Lloyd. And there’s a lot of pressure on him. Those are big shoes to fill. And I think it’s fun to see the nervousness. See someone that you can’t always bite back at Ari. He kinda has to take the brunt of everything. And it’s cool. Cause this guy just really wants to be the next Ari Gold. So, he’s like watching and just wants to do everything perfect. It’s dope for me to play a character like that. I didn’t want to play myself. I really wanted to try to give people another—a different type of character. A different type of persona of me every time I do movies. So, this is dope.”

Cudi also went on to describe his feelings about the franchise as a whole. For the unfamiliar, “Entourage” made its debut as an HBO original series back in 2004. There were plans to make the show into a feature film were in the works before the series ended in 2011. HBO was also responsible for giving Cudi his breakthrough role in “How To Make It In America,” which was abruptly cancelled in 2010 after one season.

“The show is so popular in those worlds because it’s true to those worlds as far as the lifestyle. Me coming from music I definitely had my Vincent Chase moment for a couple of years…Even people that haven’t experienced that lifestyle. It’s still kinda like you can watch this show and fantasize about it.”

Look out for Entourage coming to theaters June 3rd. Watch the interview below.