Monica shuts up instagram thots after an ignorant comment on instagram. We all know being a celebrity is hard work. It is even harder to ignore hate on daily basis with the new technology of social media. Find out how Monica Shuts up the instagram thots and haters who had something to say. Now some people may say that she should have not responded at all, but come on sometimes these people will pull the evil out of you.

The singer Monica shuts up instagram thots after they assumed she was talking about another man. We all know Monica has been with basketball player Shannon Brown for a while. Even after the death of her former boyfriend before Shannon. The couple who have been together since 2010 are more than happy. Monica has a son name Rocko and his birthday was this weekend.
Monica decides to put up a post about her son Rocko , stating that Fresh Prince was the favorite show of her son. An Instagram user not so familiar with the Shannon family decided to put her two cents towards the bill. Commenting on the picture saying ” Ain’t you fu**ing Shannon y the hell u talking about rock favorite anything !”

Normally, celebrities would not respond to nonsense or just any one. Monica shuts up the instagram thots and had to put this girl in her place. With very much class, Monica brown killed her with kindness. Stating “Thank god your attractive lack much else , Rocko as in my son! ” You tell her Monica !!

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