fetty wap



Fetty Wap and Alexis Sky seemed to be going strong for the last couple of weeks up until a few days ago. There seemed to be some static between them as Sky has been dropping hints that might indicate a break up. Now there is yet another girl in the picture.

Fetty Wap is proving himself to be quite the ladies man as he never official claims anyone but has plenty of females claiming him.

A model named T Mac is in the picture as she has been posting several pictures with the rapper, claiming him to be hers. Things started to get messy when she posted a picture of Alexis Sky at the strip club with the caption “Where the money at tonight pooh” and tagged her. In return, Alexis Sky posted a picture on Instagram with a bag of money that she made at the club, and subliminally called T Mac out. The two went back and forth from there. Check the gallery for photos.

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