Unbelievable! A college student murders his own mother over an argument! The argument was over bad grades!

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Youngsters killing their own biological parents of course isn’t new. So many incidents with this article’s headlining occurred n the past. The reason for the murder is completely unexplained. 22-year-old Tyler Blansit, called the ambulance on Friday afternoon.

What do the people in the ambulance vehicle see when they arrive at Tyler’s residence? The scene showed Tyler’s own mother dead. The county sheriff stated that Tyler confessed that he killed his mother over and argument about bad grades. Tyler already had scratches on himself when the ambulance and police came.

All this happened in the state of Alabama. Tyler’s father was away at work when the incident happened. Tyler is an only child and is currently being charged with murder and held in jail. This is completely shocking and sad to hear. This is a world in wich children murder their own parents. Hopefully Tyler gets his full punishment. This disgraceful crime is unacceptable.

Condolences to the Blansit family. Stay tuned to for new updates on this story. More information will be given out soon shortly. Tyler does not have an attorney yet.