It’s being reported a muslim woman and the director of interfaith engagement at Northwestern University, claims she was subjected to racist comments after being denied an unopened can of soda by a United flight attendant who said she feared she might use it as a potential weapon.

Explaining the incident on her Facebook page, Tahera Ahmad, claims she asked for a Diet Coke on the United flight and objected when she was given an opened can, feeling it was unsanitary. She believes it was discriminatory of the attendant because the party gave a man, whom was seated next to her, an unopened can of beer. Ahmed, who was traveling to attend an interfaith event for KIDS4PEACE to promote peaceful conversations between Israelis and Palestinians, said she was told by the flight attendant: “Well, I’m sorry. I just can’t give you an unopened can, so no Diet Coke for you.”Ahmad said she then pointed out that the man next to her had just been handed an unopened beer and told the attendant she was being discriminated against. The employee then quickly opened her neighbor’s beer can.


The flight attendant then told the passenger: “We are unauthorized to give unopened cans to people, because they may use it as a weapon on the plane.” Asking other passengers for help, she was then told to “shut the f–k up,” Ahmad claimed. She further explicated her feelings on the social media outlet saying “I can’t help but cry on this plane because I thought people would defend me and say something. Some people just shook their heads in dismay. “#IslamophobiaISREAL”

On Saturday, United Airlines issued a statement explaining that the flight attendant on Shuttle America flight 3504 attempted “several times” to accommodate Ahmad’s request and there was an initial misunderstanding. Plus, they said the flight’s crew talked to her when they arrived and the company further reached out Saturday afternoon to apologize to her. United added, “We look forward to having the opportunity to welcome Ms. Ahmad back.”

The incident has spread throughout the internet and some pledge to boycott United.