Why so angry Shia? Yesterday , you said tomorrow ! One of the hit lines in Shia Labouf’s new angry motivational speech. The inspirational video of the heart throb quickly surfaced and was replayed all over the internet. Less than 2 minute video which was made to scare you into doing the right thing? Or was he just demonstrating tough love?

Ridiculously intense is what everyone is calling the Shia LaBeouf video. Why So Angry Shia? That’s all we really want to know. Screaming and shouting and making gestures with pure frustration. The 28 year old actor filmed the speech as part of a collaboration with students at Central Saint Martins Art School of London.

Don’t let your dreams just be dreams! an angry LaBeouf reminds you as he is pacing back and forth in the youtube video. Do it just do it he shouted. You can also check out another video of him performing his favorite poem The laughing heart by Charles Bukowski. If you saw the most recent Sia video , Elastic hearts you can also find Shia dancing around with our favorite little girl from the Sia video Chandelier. I have to admit I’m loving this artsy inspirational side of Shia. But can you just tell us Why so Angry Shia?

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