It’s been some time since Kendrick Lamar dropped his critically-acclaimed album To Pimp A Butterfly. It’s also been some time since we’ve heard from super producer Pharrell, who worked on one of the songs off K. Dot’s sophomore album. Recently, the “Alright” producer broke his silence about working with Kendrick Lamar. Not only did he reveal how he feels about Kendrick as an artist, but he also expressed his condolences to the friends and family of A$AP Yams. Watch what Pharrell had to say after the jump!

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During a recent press conference, Pharrell opened up about working with Kendrick Lamar on their song “Alright.” In video captured by Montreality, the veteran producer explained how he got the idea for the song’s catchy melody. He revealed that he was influenced by trap music and A Tribe Called Quest.

“One of my assistants really likes trap music. I wanted to do something that felt like it was in that vein but just a little bit more colorful and add roads and instruments that are not usually used in that style of music. I just tried to bring something a little bit more mystical. I kind of had my Tribe Called Quest hat on that day. I’m a huge Q-Tip fan.”

Pharrell also commented on the recent passing of A$AP Yams. He acknowledged that it was still a sad moment, especially for the A$AP crew. However, Pharrell is confident that Yams is in a better place.

“No one wants to lose anyone. But his spirit is still with them. I just seen Rocky the other day and he’s in good spirits. It’s super heavy when you lose a friend. Somebody that was with you in the beginning, the genesis of those dreams. I’m sure Yams is super proud of everything that’s been happening.”

Watch the full interview below.