With ample time out of the league due to injury and his team not making the playoffs this year, Carmelo Anthony has plans for some future business ventures. Carmelo has been in talks with the North American Soccer League in hopes to buy the Puerto Rico Islanders. Click more to check out the full story!

Carmelo definitely seems to know good business when he sees it. It is no secret that professional soccer is a global phenomenon and has potential to rake in millions of dollars. Soccer is one of the world’s leading sports in reputation as well as financial potential. Carmelo has been in business with the North American Soccer League for some months now and he plans become an owner.

Having ties to Puerto Rican heritage from his mother’s side of the family, it makes perfect sense that Melo would want to purchase a Puerto Rican Soccer team. The Puerto Rico Islanders are currently inactive due to ownership issues in the past and they would definitely benefit from new ownership, especially in a figure like Carmelo Anthony.

Becoming an owner in any professional sport is definitely a feat within itself and currently, there are no reports of any others joining Carmelo in purchasing the team. Melo, however, was recently in Puerto Rico looking at various sites to potentially build a new stadium and to see how the general public would respond to a new team. Apparently, Melo has close ties with the soccer world as he is currently traveling with New York’s Cosomos Soccer Club who has a match in Cuba.

This could be a great move for Carmelo and I’m sure the money that could potentially be made from this type of buy is even better.