It’s been a decade since The Geto Boys released The Foundation, their last album as a group. Since then, Willie D, Bushwick Bill, and Scarface have all continued to make music on their own and deal with whatever life has thrown at them from family issues to legal troubles. Since the album turned 10 in January, it looks like the Houston trio are preparing to reunite this summer and may possibly put together a new body of work. Find out what’s been happening with The Geto Boys after the jump!

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The Geto Boys have confirmed their reunion tour, which will go down this summer. XXL got to catch up with Willie D, who said that the tour is “definitely happening” and they also might be recording a new album. The month-long tour begins in Washington, D.C. on June 7th and will run until they close out in Cincinnati on Independence Day. Although the potential album is in the planning phase as of now, Willie D said that the trio is down to record once the logistics are straightened out.

“We know that we want to do a record but it’s a situation where right now we’re at the point of getting the paperwork done right so everybody’s on the same page,” Willie D told XXL. “Once we get the paperwork done then we can do it.”

The last time the Houston-based group (sort of) reunited was two years ago when Scarface and Willie D linked up for their joint track “Hoodiez.” They released a video for the song as a tribute to Trayvon Martin, the Miami native who was gunned down in Central Florida back in 2012. Willie D also spoke on what’s in store for the reunion tour, the possibility of having their reunion album crowd-funded, and plenty more. Here’s what he had to say about why the group is reuniting.

“It makes sense. That’s what we do. The Geto Boys. We’re artists, man, we perform. People want to see us perform. People wanna see the group together. We all had some pretty good success individually as solo acts, but there ain’t nothin’ like the Geto Boys.”

You can read interview in full here. Watch the visual for their most memorable track “My Mind Playing Tricks On Me” below.