YES.. An 18th century slave ship was discovered. The ship was deep inside the ocean and the ship was believed to carry about 500 slaves!

Slavery was one of the most horrific events that happened in the history of America. As a result of slavery, America is extremely advanced and ahead of other countries. Slavery is something not to ignore and also it must not be celebrated. This catastrophe happened, so students and civilians need to learn from this incident.

Archaeologist even think they might have found the remains of the first ever slave ship. The name of the found ship is called “Sae Jose Paquete de Africa”. In 1794 the ship was sent to Brazil from Mozambique. A deadly storm occurred and so many slaved drowned and died. The remaining slaves were sold in the west.

A project named “The Slaves Wreck Project” revealed so many artifacts. The artifacts include shackles and cargo. These artifacts will even be put on a display at a museum in 2016. Scientist hope to discover so many more information from this ship like people’s dead relatives. Learning about people’s past is a great factor for civilian development!

This is extremely dope! Looking forward for the exhibit that opens in 2016!

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