As an artist or business person, we all have dreams of working with someone specifically [Me: Kendrick Lamar]; celebrities are no different. During a question and answer segment on Twitter, Childish Gambino or Donald Glover hopes to work with the Atlanta trio, Migos.

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The rapper, Donald Glover often moonlights as an actor as well. The California native is scheduled to appear in the upcoming Magic Mike: XXL film, also starring Channing Tatum. So, with his acting abilities in the forefront these days, during his Q&A, a fan decided to ask him about the possible collaboration the Migos.

“When r u going to work with migos,” the fan asked. Glover replied, “i texted their manager an hour ago. waiting to hear back.” Interesting. I would like to hear with these two totally different acts can cook up.

There has also been some talk of Glover working on a television show, highlighting the rap scene in Atlanta. Something Migos seem very fitting for. The FX network ordered the pilot show, however, we have yet to hear of a premiere showing. Our ears will remain to the streets.

For now …

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