Earl Sweatshirt x Odd Future

Last week, Tyler, The Creator‘s cryptic tweets seemed to allude to the breakup of his Odd Future crew. Though the next morning Tyler commented on the headlines, he never did deny that they broke up, and now his [former] groupmate Earl Sweatshirt has seemingly confirmed the rumors as well.

“No sympathy for male virgins who’re in their feelings about tyler pointing out and solidifying the obvious,” Earl tweeted in regards to the online commentary from fans and observers. “TO ALL ODD FUTURE RUNOFF: SAVE YOURSELF YEARS OF EMBARRASSMENT AND STOP DRESSING LIKE AN EASTER BASKET, GO TALK TO SOME BITCHES! TRUSMEDADY.”

Judging by both the guys’ tweets, it seems that they’re all on good terms, but simply following their own individual paths. We wish them all the best!

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