Lil Wayne has signed on to Tidal as a co-owner and dropped a new song!

Yes, it is true Lil Wayne has jumped on the Tidal wagon not only dropping songs but he is also co-owner. Wayne has premiered a new song exclusively on Tidal called “Glory”. It is the first single from his upcoming album FWA (Free Weezy Album). Wayne says that the name FWA is exactly what it sounds like, he can not put any albums up for sale right now. Because of his $51 million dollar law suit with past record label Cash Money. Wayne tends to give away this album.

Tidal customers will be able to hear “Glory” before it gets released anywhere else! It has also been reported that Wayne will be performing a show (Tidal X) which is for members only. The date of this concert has not yet been stated.

Looks like Wayne is going to work no matter what comes his way, which it be a mixtape, album or performance Wayne will never back down. Maybe Wayne will be going to a new record label sooner than later. Or even a feature with Jay’z could be in the near future.

Chantel.Ciera: Twitter