Just last month Beyonce traveled to Haiti on a United Nations humanitarian mission. While there she was to assess how much progress Haiti has made since a devastating earthquake that rocked the nation 5 years ago. While on the trip Beyonce was seen wearing a t-shirt with the slogan ‘BeyGood’ plastered on the from. BeyGood is the singer’s charity. The Queen Bey has now decided to sell the t-shirt and use to the proceeds to give back to Haiti. More details after the jump.

Beyonce is donating one hundred percent of the shirt’s sale proceeds to Haiti’s Saint Damien Hospital in Tabarre. Shed visited the center back in May and learned that they took a huge hit after the quake and needed help to reopen an abandoned wing of the hospital. The hospital provides high-quality medical care to underprivileged and sick children, Since the quake has lost funding and was forced to decrease staff and patients.

In an effort to lend a helping hand and support pediatric care Beyonce is now selling her Beygood t-shirts for 25$ and so far as sold over 1,200 t-shirts and has raised almost $30,000. The t-shirts will remain on sale until June 13th.

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Source Global Grind