Taye Diggs is a well established actor and you think he would know better than this. A woman has come forward with videos of Taye laying on a bed in what seems to be a hotel room. The woman claims the video clips are part of a sex tape with her Taye and another woman. This ish is messy!!

Taye Diggs is best know for his role in The Best Man, and following his divorce from his wife, it seems like the actor has landed himself in some trouble. A video model who goes by the name Chankeong, posted a video on Instagram and judging from the caption its seems like Taye Diggs must’ve pissed her off. The video shows Taye laying down, and although he has all his clothes on, Chankeong claims that the clips below are the first parts of a sextape. She also says that she has video evidence of Taye doing all kinds of drugs. Chankeong warns Taye that if he keeps messing with her, she will expose all of the videos.

Damn Taye got caught up!! Are you buying this this woman’s story or do you think she’s bluffing. Check the videos below!

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