IFWT Reggie Miller

This past week, Reggie Miller made an appearance on ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption and one of the show’s hosts, Tony Kornheiser, asks him if he thinks Steph Curry is a better shooter than he was. Reggie is still the cocky guy that he was when he was in the league–he says NO!. Click more to check out the audio!

Reggie Miller is one of those NBA greats that never made it to the big dance. No rings, but this guy could shoot the lights and break anyone’s heart when he felt like it. He will, no doubt, go down in NBA history as one of the greatest shooters ever.

Reggie was on ESPN’s PTI and he was asked about his opinion on Steph Curry and his response was nothing short of what I expected from him. He flat out says he would go against anyone–even if he had one arm–and match their intensity! LOL! You can not front on his skills at all because he’s definitely earned the right to talk like that. Is Steph the better shooter though?

Reggie On Steph…

The young regular season MVP, Chef Curry, definitely has potential to break down some historic walls in his climb to becoming the greatest shooter ever. Like, Miller pointed out, Steph has already broken several records–including his own three point playoff record–and he is on track to continue this greatness. One shooter that Reggie mentioned who technically has unfinished business in this league is Ray Allen.

Ray Allen has not officially retired from the game and could very well make a return next season. Ray Allen currently holds the title for most three pointers made in history and I would definitely like to see him come back and add to that and maybe shake up the league with the greatest shooter conversation.