Beanie Sigel Return of the Mack is Sold Out. The Philadelphia rapper who was released last summer finally has his come back show in his hometown. After being shot not long after his release and having to be in a rehabilitation for quite some time. Good to see Beans back to his old self again and he seems more than excited to have Sold Out his Return of the Mack production.

“I don’t have any tickets please stop calling me and let me get focused ” An annoyed Beanie Siegel posts on Instagram as he is posted up across the street from the venue. A friend of Beanie Sigel also put out a instagram post begging and warning people that too many people on stage will not be tolerated. Urging people and friends not to ruin this night for Beanie Siegel or the fans who have been patiently waiting for his return. Check the pictures for the instagram pictures from Beanie Sigel’s account.

I’m sure this isn’t Beanie’s first run around the rodeo but it has been quite along time since he has hit the stage . Recently he was brought out with Jay z at his special B side Tidal concert. The look on his face was priceless so I’m sure his Return Of the Mack Concert means the world to him right now.

The Dutchess | Instagram