On May 28 a french Magazine known as Oops Magazine had a cover story stating Leonardo Dicaprio impregnated Rihanna. We all know the two have been secretly , well some what secretly dating each other for quite some time now. There were pregnancy rumors about Rihanna way before Leo came along, when fans tried to put together clues only to realize the birth of her god daughter was approaching. Check gallery to see the cover of the magazine saying Leonardo says He’s Not Rihanna’s Baby Daddy , continue to hear how much they were sued for !

The magazine cover was in French but it read something along the lines of Rihanna being pregnant, and Leonardo Dicaprio not trying to own up to impregnating the star. Leonardo Say’s He’s not Rihanna’s Baby Daddy and that she’s not even pregnant. After reaching out to the careless magazine who seemed un bothered by the threats from Dicaprio, he ended up suing Oops Magazine double of what he initially intended.

It cost the magazine 20,000 dollars. No statements have been expressed on Rihanna’s behalf at the moment. Leonardo Says He’s Not Rihanna’s Baby Daddy is trending all over as they set out to make him seem like a typical jerk denying a pregnancy. Also he added over another 11,000 dollars in fines toward the magazine if they did not put out another story taking back their alleged statements. It’s safe to say keep Leonardo’s name out of you’r mouth and magazines or it will cost you a pretty petty.

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