Oh Boy! The drama and shade never ends. It’s seriously like a continuous cycle! Sage the Gemini Ex-Bae Curium throwing shade at Jordin Sparks!

Sage The Gemini need to get a hold of his ex boo. seriously. This troll recently in-boxed poor Jordin Sparks on Instagram and basically tried to ruin the whole relationship! Curium took it upon herself to post a whole Instagram post against Sage and Jordin.

Curium wrote in the post:

“Aye you know it’s bad when ya ex n**** fucking with a new b**** and she don’t make u feel not even the least bit insecure. Lol step ya b**** up! Baby shaped like a teenage boy with a man boobs. They say when she thicker make you cum quicker!! #truestory #bi***eslovecurium #ni**aadotoo what my #instababies doing today?

I don’t know about you but it looks like somebody’s hurting for sure. Why would curium make this post if she was not hurting? PU-LEASE! Curium needs to take several seats. If She has any “true” problems she could address the issue with Sage himself. Curium don’t got to start a whole ruckus on Instagram attracting so much attention. You guys already know how it is.. Really hoping Sage The Gemini settles this situation.

#SageTheGemini's ex girl throwing shade at #JordinSparks?

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