_Chinese Cruise Ship

431 bodies have been recovered from a Chinese cruise ship that capsized last week. Just 14 people survived and the search for the 11 that remain missing still continues. Check out the photos of the capsized cruise ship in the gallery and read more on the story after the jump!

The ship overturned in the Yangtze River. So far rescuers have had no luck since last Tuesday, which was the last time two people were pulled out of the water alive. Huge cranes lifted up the ship and put it back upright and now crews have looked cabin-by-cabin for survivors and bodies. Nearly 150 other ships, 59 machines, 3,400 Chinese troops and 1,700 paramilitary personnel are apart of the rescue and recovery operation. Questions still remain about what happened to the capsized cruise ship called the Eastern Star.

The captain of the ship and the chief engineer have been taken into custody, but little has been said about what really happened other than that a tornado had hit the ship. It is also unsure as to why the Eastern Star was the only ship that was so badly affected by the storm. Jiang Zhao, a lawyer for Eastern Star’s operator, said, “I have been in deep pain since the start of the incident…I felt extremely sorrowful for all people that perished.”

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So sad! Check out the photos of the capsized cruise ship in the gallery!