So Young Thug claims Max B is an older version of Himself? Mhhmm.. this sounds very interesting.

Young Thug who is among the new school of rising trappers likes to praise a lot of iconic MC’s. Young Thug recently payed homage to Lil Wayne by naming his recent album “Barter 6”. Do you guys get the the gist? Lil Wayne had a previous album called “The Carter”. This empathetic way of showing love to another artist is a really good look for Young Thug.

The trap star went and posted a visual picture of the iconic and locked up rapper Max B. The photo displayed Max B showing homage and love to Young Thug! Max B was unfortunately locked up over murder, assault, kidnapping and robbery charges. Max B is eight years in for his 70 year sentence.

Max B had a great influence on the New York Hip Hop scene and of course on Young thug himself. Why else would Young Thug post on twitter that Max is the older version of him?

Young thug stated in a tweet:

“Free Max B, the older me!”

Welp, there you have it. Young Thug is breaking air waves with the “Barter6”, you got to admit. Hip Hop fans see so much potential in the young trap star. What do you guys think? Do ya’ll think they compare in personality and craft?

#freemaxb the older me!! PHOTO BY: FAN

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