Maybe Shaq will ease up on his criticism a bit because Dwight Howard is no longer going by Superman.  He has a new nickname and a sick custom car to go with it.

Dwight Howard has decided to go with another comic hero, instead of Superman he’s now The Flash and he’s starting the re-branding process with a new car.

The Houston Rockets star has commissioned some heavy duty Flash-themed work on his 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat with the guys at 713 Motoring in Houston.

TMZ Sports spoke with the owner, Ash, who says D12 has always been known to “superhero” his cars and usually went with a Superman theme.

“But when he came to the Rockets, he wanted a change, he said he no longer wanted to be called Superman, he is now Flash out here in Houston.”

Ash says the project will run around $65k and included everything from a custom paint job, to a pimped out steering wheel and custom Flash logos on the wheels, hood, seats and gas cap.

But the highlight, Ash installed a custom lighting system which shines a Flash logo on the ground when Dwight opens a door. Pretty cool stuff.

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