IFWT_Flex Knows Where Hip Hop Lives
Finally, all those needing Hip Hop at your fingertips on a 24 hour basis, with East and West coast flavor with that new new, then “Where Hip Hop Lives” is the App for you….did I mention that all those over seas or out of the U.S. can get back in action and start listening to your favorite Hip Hop station? Yeah you can do that…

Tat Wza

Here’s how it works, you download the app, if you’re in the US you get Hot97, and Power106 off the rip, then there is a NEW station where the newest music online or on the radio will live, ‘The New At 2’ station, which is accessible once you go premium, at a mere $3.99 a month, which also apply to those outside of the U.S., you can be back in the Hip Hop fold for just $4 a month.

You’ll also get the ‘Feeds’ section, where you’ll be kept up to date with the latest Hip Hop News from coast to coast, and the ‘Video’ section where all interviews, and recap’s of events, like anyone that missed #SummerJam for any reason, see all the highlights there!!!

Look, if you have an iPhone, go ahead and download it(Android coming REAL SOON), check it out, then decide if you’re ready to go premium and have that much Hip Hop in your life!!!!


* Access the biggest Hip Hop station streams in the United States: Hot 97 and Power 106
* Hip Hop News and Entertainment from across the country
* Unlimited commercial-free* streaming
* Exclusive access* to the New at 2 non-stop streaming channel

Download the app via iTunes & Google Play store NOW!