This chick’s love for animals is a little bit too rich for my blood. I mean, cats, dogs, horses, fish … you name it and Miley Cyrus will sleep with it and/or kiss it. However, Miley Cyrus’ obsession with pigs and nudity is on the level of an extremist.

Paper magazine – the same ones who hosted Kim Kardashian’s naked pics – called on the Cyrus for their Summer 2015 issue; an issue they have named, Use Your Voice. As Paper’s cover girl, the 22-year-old had no problems stripping butt-naked, rolling around in dirt and getting close to her co-partner for the cover, Bubba Sue, the pig.

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While Bubba Sue does more oinking that talking, Cyrus, however, does talk to the magazine about NOT ANIMALS, but her inspiration behind the Happy Hippie Foundation, a nonprofit she began earlier this year to help homeless and LGBT kids.

“I was doing a show two nights ago,” Miley Cyrus tells [Paper] in their Summer 2015 cover story, “and I was wearing butterfly nipple pasties and butterfly wings. I’m standing there with my tits out, dressed like a butterfly. How the fuck is that fair? How am I so lucky?”

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