A week ago, detective Wojciech Braszczok testified in his own defense claiming that he assisted other bikers in the beating of SUV driver Alexian Lien, because he wanted to “stop the car from running more people over,” he said. “I should have called 911, but I didn’t,” the undercover added about Lien running over one of his pals.

Following the judge-only trial, Braszczok has been found not guilty of the more detrimental charges, and guilty of the lesser. Hit the jump for more details.

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In September 2013, Lien, his wife and child were driving into New Jersey when they began to get terrorized by the biker crew of 11+ individuals. Lien was forced to run over one of the bikers, who is now paralyzed. Because of that, the detective assumed that Lien “was the aggressor … he took off, he fled the scene,” which was his explaining for following the family. Not only did the detective involve himself in the assault on Lien, but the SUV’s window was busted out to get to him.

With facts being reviewed, Braszczok has skated on the charges of gang assault, attempted gang assault and first-degree assault, but guilty of second- and third-degree assault, coercion, riot and criminal mischief.

His co-defendant, Robert Sims, was also convicted of the lower counts but acquitted of the top charges in the motorcycle rally that devolved into pandemonium and became a highway horror story to millions who saw a helmet-camera video posted online …

Eleven men were indicted in the melee; the others have pleaded guilty to charges including assault and riot and face sentences of probation to two years in prison.

The exact amount of time or punitive damages were not made clear.

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