Nicki x SB

Safaree ‘SB‘ Samuels has remained pretty diplomatic when it comes to the topic of Nicki Minaj since their breakup late last year, even being positive when he speaks on her in interviews. That’s changing now, though.

SB plans to release his new song “Love The Most” at the end of this week, and he is airing out ALL of the dirty laundry on it – from accusing Nicki of being on pills, to alleging that she cheated and more. Perhaps his buttons were pushed because of Nicki and Meek exchanging “I love you’s” on stage at Summer Jam this weekend?

“Had to watch you kiss Nas and pretend it’s all cool/Inside I was feeling like a motherf*cking fool,” is one line, while “You remember what you told me when you wasn’t on them pills?” is another. Yikes! Listen to a one-minute snippet below. This should be interesting…

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