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While his intent is to NOT promote the film, this is sorta kinda promotion. MC Ren, real name, Lorenzo Patterson choose Twitter as the social media tool to blast Universal Pictures, and their promotional abilities. The N.W.A. member and founder of Villain Entertainment aired out his grievances, because the film studio chose to not give him as much airtime – as the other N.W.A. characters – in the latest trailer for Straight Outta Compton biopic.

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“Man fuck these bitches at universal pictures leaving me out the movie trailers tryin to rewrite history,” MC Ren says. “When you have bitches work on a hip hop film that don’t know shit about hip hop this is what happens,” he adds.

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HipHop DX built a list of ‘5 Reasons Why MC Ren Should Be A Large Part Of The “Straight Outta Compton” Biopic’.

1. His View Balances Narratives Of Ice Cube & Dr. Dre
2. Doesn’t Leave Much Closure To His Life After N.W.A.
3. Shock Of The Hour and Villain In Black Are Underrated Masterpieces
4. Handled A Majority Of The Songwriting Along With Ice Cube
5. Getting Details Like MC Ren’s Contributions Right Is Better For Hip Hop

Can’t say that we disagree. Check out the descriptive reasoning MC Ren should have a hand in the film.