One poor fifth grader from Houston, TX had the most humiliating fifth grade graduation experience. Trinecia Blacklock a fifth grader from Link Elementary School who is wheelchair bound was completely left out of her graduation ceremony after her school forgot to call her name. More after the jump.

The poor girl spoke out about her horrifying experience during a day that should have been a joyful experience.

“They closed up the ceremony and then forgot to call my name,” said Blacklock. Her mom, Tonisha McCowan, said they only remembered to do so when she prompted them. “How they missed her sitting there by herself down there in a wheelchair, I don’t know,” said McCowan. Even if they had remembered to call her in time, Blacklock said she wouldn’t have been able to fully take part.“I wish I would have gone across the stage, but they have no ramp, nothing but stairs,” said Blacklock.

The school made an attempt to apologize to girl and her family and released a statement saying they plan on reviewing the graduation procedures so that this will never happen again in the future. The said, “Although the school had good intentions in acknowledging the student’s academic achievement, accommodations should have been made so the student could fully participate in the program or the program should have been adjusted,” the statement read.

But for Blacklock it’s too little too late. While the girl did receive her certificate, and her family bought her a cake to celebrate, her mom said. “It was just all very humiliating,” said McCowan. “Her joy from that day was stripped from right under her.”

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