Future & Brittni Mealy

As a rapper’s significant other, or any celebrity for that matter, it’s almost an unwritten rule that you KNOW your man has groupies and will most likely cheat. However, it’s all up to the woman as to how she plans on handling that type of situation. As for Future’s baby mother (and alleged girlfriend again) Brittni Mealy, she seems to have a clear understanding that her [possible] man steps out on her. A random groupie commented on her page, claiming she slept with Future a few weeks ago in Detroit. This chick, who goes by “wetapple_” on Instagram, even went as far as detailing the moles around the “56 Nights” rapper’s private parts.

Brittni shot back at the groupie, explaining that he’s for “them and everyone else” and telling the female that she hopes she had more sense than to just only leave with a “wet p*ssy.” Ouch. Check out the back and forth in the gallery.

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Source: BallerAlert