As the iPhone becomes more and more progressive, it seems that the iPod is becoming more and more obsolete. The iPod has not been revamped in over three years and after a recent update on the Apple website, it looks like it could be saying goodbye for good.

It has been 14 years since Apple changed the music game with the introduction of the first iPod. Even with the development of the iPhone, Apple continued to make newer models of the iPod and continued to reinvent its features; however, the iPhone has also adopted its features, and in turn, it makes the production of iPods senseless.

Although no official word about the iPod’s production has been announced by Apple, it sure looks like they are stepping away from the game changer. Normally, on Apple’s homepage, there was a tab available for a customers/viewers to look at the various types that are available, but it has since been replaced by an “Apple Music” tab–perhaps the next game changing wave by Apple.

Apple’s seemingly endless gadgets are making the older, less updated items become less and less relevant. The Apple Watch is definitely a product that may be the successor to the iPod as it is gaining a lot of popularity in today’s market–despite its price. We are definitely stepping into a new era of Apple with the introduction of new platforms like Apple Music–a venture that has been co-signed by the likes Drake and others–so saying goodbye to the ipod is not too much of a surprise.

I guess nothing really does last forever.

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Source: NY Post