Remember how we all use to make up silly names on MySpace. Always trying to pick the best song lyric and make it your name. Tyler, The Creator did the same thing of course but he stuck with his name even after the Myspace faze.

Tyler, The Creator guest starred on Jimmy Kimmel Live! On June 11th where he spoke about a lot of interesting topics. One of which was where his stage name originated from.

In Tyler’s interview he stated,

“Alright, so I had three Myspace’s right. One of them was ‘Tylersomething’ and the other one was ‘Tylersomething’ and then I had a MySpace that just had all my drawings and a couple of beats I made and like, random ideas and stuff I put under the name ‘Tyler, The Creator’ because I couldn’t think of anything else. That page got more popular and I then just ran with it. I did not plan this at all.”

At least Tyler stayed true and used the name that brought his popularity. In the Jimmy Kimmel interview Tyler also talked about his new app. Golf Media which would allow him to talk to fans directly. He also talked about having his own movie theater! Did you know Tyler, The Creator rents out theaters across the country and invites fans to see his favorite films with him? Talk about a great give back to his fans!

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