It has been reported that rapper YG was shot early this morning at an L.A. recording studio. More details after the jump.

Police reports reveal that around 1:45 AM YG was shot outside of a recording studio. The “Who Do You Love” rapper was hit three times in the hip. Luckily, he was able to get into his car and someone in his crew drove him to a nearby hospital.

Police were called to the scene and after investigating the area multiple shell casings were found and there was blood on the sidewalk. Police attempted to interview YG about the incident but he was ‘very uncooperative.’ Police have not identified a suspect in the shooting.

YG’s condition is unknown at this time. According the blogger Karen Civil ‘YG is doing fine. Nothing life-threatening.’ She tweeted right after the news broke.

Hopefully, YG can make a speedy recovery.

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Source TMZ