August Alsina is extremely disappointed in his hometown New Orleans, and he’s not letting it slide. The R&B singer was close to finishing his plans for a community event for families and children when the city put a sudden halt to everything. After finding out the news, Alsina recorded his own testimony of what went down and why he felt discriminated by his own city. Watch what he had to say after the jump!

Tony MC Twitter | Instagram

August Alsina put the city of New Orleans on blast via Twitter last night (June 12). Alsina was in the process of locking down the final arrangements for a community event he had been planning with his team. He claimed that the city shut down his operation because of his “status as a celebrity.” He took to social media to vent his frustrations.

“I met with everybody there was to meet.. City Hall, the commander, the councilman & so on,” said Alsina on Instagram. “What I gained from the outcome was that they saw me as a problem and a threat to the city because of my status as a “celebrity”, & the people I would attract all because I’m a young black man.”

In his extended version of his rant against NOLA on Twitter, the “Numb” emcee also said that he’s more upset at the fact that he couldn’t give back to his community. He feels like he was denied because his own city racially profiled him and thought he would bring unwanted visitors to his event.

“My goal isn’t to shit on anybody with putting this out there or make anyone look bad. I’m simply shining light on the fact that I TRIED and was denied several times without any logic!”

Here’s his side of the story.