It wasn’t that long ago that everything seemed great between NBA star Brandon Jennings and his long time girlfriend, Tae Heckard. In fact, just about a month ago the couple announced they were expecting a child. Now it seems everything is off and Jennings is claiming to be single and appears to be taking shots.


There is not really any details to explain the breakup, but Jennings does seem to be in his feelings just a little bit because he has somewhat been throwing shots at women on his timeline the past couple days. More specifically women when large amounts of followers on Instagram and how It affects the mindset of those women.

Heckard, who was linked to Nelly before Jennings, hasn’t said much herself about whatever is going on. Jennings even went as far as to say the hottest girl right now is Eddie Murphy’s daughter, Bria. You know damn well he wouldn’t be saying that if Tae was still in the picture. Since the now former couple is expecting a child it makes this breakup quite different from others.

Hopefully everything works out for the best. In the mean time check the gallery to see everything Jennings has been saying.