Despite a hectic and stressful year for the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson, he has a new blessing coming his way. Peterson’s wife, Ashley, is pregnant and the couple is actually reaching out to the public to get some help with selecting a name for the baby.

Adrian and Ashley are expecting their second child together and she is set to give birth in October. This will be a new addition to Adrian’s already big family, making it his seventh child over all. While going back home to Texas, Peterson told reporters that he and his wife are welcoming suggestions from the public with a name for the baby.

If you are wondering, the couple is set to have a baby boy; so that should help narrow down options for names if anyone was looking to help. You can send baby names to either Adrian or Ashley via Twitter. Ashley’s Twitter account is @MrsAshPeterson and Adrian’s is @AdrianPeterson. This is a pretty cool way to have fans feel closer to the football star and you never know, what if they actually use the name you suggest?

Aside from the new baby, Peterson is said to have reached an agreement with the Vikings organization and is expected to play this upcoming season. It looks like the baby will be here just in time to attend some games.