Going into this fight against against Eric Molina, Deontay Wilder was definitely the favorite. Surprisingly, the match went longer than anticipated but Wilder still came out on top with a 9th round K.O!

I think this was a better fight than many people expected it to be. Wilder obviously entered the fight as the favorite and he came out fighting that way as well. A sluggish start for the challenger Eric Molina, who eventually turned up in the ring and caught Wilder with a few power punches that actually stunned him. At one point, it actually looked like Wilder would touch the mat.

Wilder, however, lived up the fights expectations in his home state of Alabama, and began to really turn on the pressure in the rounds following the second. In the fights entirety, he was able to knock down Molina about 3 times. Molina, though, showed that he actually has a pretty decent chin and kept getting back up.

The Knock Downs And K.O…

Early in the third round, Molina definitely caught Wilder slipping not once, but twice, and you could see his confidence building; but, Wilder was relentless with his counters and sent Molina to the ground. SICK ROUND!

Molina touched the mat two more times before the 9th round where he was ultimately knocked out and the fight was stopped. Despite getting knocked out, Molina put up a good fight and caught Wilder more than a few times. With that being said, I would not mind watching a part two of this heavy weight match!