If I felt like I was punched in the stomach by reading that headline, then just imagine how bad A.I has to feel knowing that its his reality. Marriage is complicated and unfortunately, finances are almost always involved when talking about divorce. An agreement between Iverson and his wife that was not honored is the reason behind Allen’s non receipt of payment from Reebok.

This is exactly why I vow to never get married. If our marriage ends for some reason, why should my wife get ANY of the hard earned cashed that I worked for? I just never understood that concept and I don’t think I ever will. But the fact that A.I will not receive the $32 million from his contract with Reebok is somewhat his own fault.

Before getting married to Tawanna Iverson, Allen had a prenuptial agreement drawn up to protect him from this very thing we are discussing right now. His marriage, for one reason or another, did not work out and Tawanna ultimately filed for divorce in 2010. But there is a catch! Tawanna never signed the prenuptial agreement because A.I. burned it. For some reason, he did not want to make her sign the contact. LOL! How sick is he right now?

Maybe it wasn’t too bad because Tawanna called off the divorce but, she was playing chess and had an agreement of her own drawn up. She agreed to take A.I. back with various conditions including: no cheating, no gambling, must be home by midnight, and has to attend marriage counseling, among other conditions; and if he were to violate any of the terms, then he would have to pay a good amount of money. I guess love is that crazy because, A.I actually signed the agreement. Yup. He signed it.

Well, A.I could not honor the agreement and as a result, Tawanna called on the divorce again. With no prenuptial agreement in place and a new agreement following the initial divorce, Tawanna basically came out on top, taking everything from A.I including his $32 million deal with Reebok. SMH. Ironically, one of the terms of the agreement Tawanna drew up was that at age 55, Allen would be able to collect the $32 million. Is she supposed to hold on to that money for all those years? LOL! How is that even going to work?

The biggest question of all, though, WHAT THE HELL WAS A.I THINKING WHEN HE AGREED TO THOSE TERMS?


Source: BSO