IFWT_Mason Plumlee

The 2015 NBA Draft is less than two weeks away so reports are kicking up a notch about teams possibly trading to move up in the draft.  The Brooklyn Nets are reportedly one of those teams.

According to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, the Nets are willing to move former first-round pick Mason Plumlee to make that happen.

Mason Plumlee was once thought to be a key cornerstone piece for these Brooklyn Nets, looked at as a young, athletic big who can help shape their future, as the NBA continues to shift toward being younger and more athletic.  Unfortunately they might have to trade him because of how badly Billy King has managed things the past few years. They have the 29th pick because of a pick swap they agreed to in 2012 with the Hawks for Joe Johnson, and in order to recover from that misstep, they now have to potentially move one of the only legitimately intriguing young prospects on their roster to have a chance at getting a draft pick commensurate with their mediocrity the past few seasons.

The Nets have wagered a lot on the win now attitude they previously held, spending both money and draft picks.

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