Cincinnati Bengals v New England Patriots

Vince Wilfork on the field has been one of the most disruptive forces in the middle of the defense, that has helped propel the Patriots to multiple championships. Off the field, Vince Wilfork is a huge goofball and loves to jokes with people. Check out the t-shirt Wilfork wore today that had everyone in the room laughing.


Vince Wilfork, who was released after an 11-year run with the Patriots, signed with the Texans during the offseason, plans to team up with reigning defensive-player-of-the-year J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney to try and form the best D-line in the NFL.

While the Patriots may miss his impact on the field, the locker room may miss his sense of humor even more. the 300+ pound lineman is known as one of the biggest jokers and hasn’t stopped.

With fathers day coming up Wilfork believes he’s not only the best father, but the best at passing gas, too. He holds that title loud and proud, LOL.

Check out Wilfork’s hilarious T-shirt he wore in the gallery.