Skip Bayless is known for his love of Tebow and his outrageous statements and predictions. Some athletes feel the need to fight back — like Kevin Durant after Bayless called his teammate Russell Westbrook, “West-Brick.” But Curry was having none of that and immediately shut Bayless down. Check out the tweets after the jump.


Skip Bayless tried to insinuate that the Golden State Warriors only won the championship because every team they went against were short handed. It’s tough to make claims that the Golden State Warriors got lucky on their way to the championship when they finished with the best record in the league and Steph Curry came off an MVP season.

They also sport one of the deepest benches in the NBA, so i guess Bayless feels that front office moves and drafting are lucky too, huh? Now those accusations are asinine.

While some athletes would fire back at Bayless — exactly how Bayless wants them to — Curry took the high road and just shrugged off the comments.

Check out the tweets in the gallery: