Gilbert Arenas was one of the best scorers in the league when he was a member of the Washington Wizards and regularly dueled with Lebron James in the playoffs. Arenas also found himself in some hot-water during a feud with a teammate after Arenas brought guns in to the locker room over a unpaid bet. Now Arenas is back a bad light again after he was filmed smashing the windows of his ex-girlfriends car over a netflix account!


Apparently Arenas ex-girlfriend, Laura Govan, smashed 34 of Arenas windows at his home — but that wasn’t the tipping point. After Govan threw his laptop in the pool, Arenas lost it because he had his netflix password saved in there and he loves netflix.

Heres what Arenas had to say:

“I don’t remember my #Netflix password it was auto saved, you piece of sh*t. u take a person #Netflix away,nothing else matters.”

Arenas added, “here’s my comment: I LIKE NETFLIX… speaking of Netflix has anybody seen #Champs with Tysons holyfield and Hopkins???”

Arenas then took a cinder block and smashed the windows of Govan’s Mercedes. Sheesh!

Check out the video: