Just about every professional boxer wants to get in the ring with Floyd Mayweather and have tried their luck at calling him out but this time Floyd is the one that issued the challenge.  Oscar De La Hoya recently spoke about possibly coming out of retirement.  If he does, Mayweather wants that rematch!

 Floyd Mayweather decided to call out the now 42-year-old for a rematch this September. Their first bout happened in 2007, and the three judges were split in awarding Floyd with the decision.

Interestingly enough, Oscar has now responded to Mayweather with an instagram post captioned “split decision”.

“So I hear Floyd wants to give me a rematch now,” said a seemingly amused De La Hoya. “Our first fight had a rematch clause, it had to take place within the year. He retired in a year and one day.”

“I’m happy. I’m content. I’m never coming back. I’m going to continue growing Golden Boy (Promotions)”

De La Hoya is 39-6 in his hall-of-fame boxing career, which started out with a gold medal in the Olympics. He officially retired in 2009, and hasn’t competed since a 2008 loss to Manny Pacquiao, his 4th defeat in his last 7 fights.

Source: Bloody Elbow

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