The 2015 NBA Draft is steadily approaching which means there will be an increase in reports about teams trying to trade up for a better pick.  The latest news involves the Denver Nuggets.  It’s no secret that Ty Lawson and the Nuggets are pretty fed up with each other.  The Sacramento Kings new coach George Karl used to coach Lawson on the Nuggets and wants to coach him again.  Can the two teams come to a deal?

via Chad Ford of ESPN on the possibility of the Nuggets trade Ty Lawson to Sacramento for the No. 6 pick in the draft:

Nuggets have been trying to make that deal regardless, but so far they can’t get Kings (or anyone else for that matter) to bite on Lawson.

Lawson is probably better than whomever the Kings will draft at No. 6, but the draft pick offers a few advantages via ProBasketballTalk:

1. He’ll be younger and have more upside.

2. He’ll be cheaper – though Lawson’s salary is a reasonable $12,404,495 and $13,213,482 the next two years.

3. He’ll be under team control for five seasons to Lawson’s two.

4. He might be better than Lawson. Lawson is a known quantity, and he falls short of star level. The NBA is a stars’ league, so it might make sense to gamble on someone who might become a star, even the odds are against it.

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