Rachel Dolezal

You knew it was coming! Ever since news of Rachel Dolezal and her #Transracial theory hit the web, we’ve all been waiting for the outspoken Azealia Banks to add her two cents on the matter. And finally, it has arrived – and did not disappoint!

“LMFAOOOOOO I dunno why this Rachael Dolezal thing is so fucking hilarious to me lol this is like some shit off madTV LOLOLOL,” the “212” rapper began on Monday night. “LMFAO AT HER KINKY CURLY YAKI WIG THOOOOO OMGGGG. Are a whole bunch of white people about to come out as transracial?”

She then slept on it, and continued to add more the next morning.

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But yes, I’ve been telling you guys all this shit for the past four years and you all said I was crazy. LOL. Ok and this is it: why must one become a caricature of a black person to associate themselves with blackness/black institutions? rachel could’ve just been a white person working for the naacp and everything would’ve been fine. Why the kinky wig and tangerine tan? I think she’s hiding something else. Whether it’s a mental illness or some sort of weird racial fetishism….. One thing I can applaud Rachel for is being the first to publicly admit it. True Life: I want to be black……. That wig is crazy tho.

She later added in some jokes as well, tweeting, “I am trans-Chakakhan. Meaning I identify as Chaka Khan. I AM CHAKA KHAN DAMMIT,” and posting the above photo on Instagram with the caption, “I identify as black.”

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