Nick Cannon spotted in Disney with New Girlfriend. First speculators tried to piece together pictures to confirm that it was in fact Nick Cannon holding hands with the alleged new flame. After comparing hats and clothes it was confirmed yup !! That’s Nick spotted in Disney, but who is the lucky lady ? Check out the pictures and see for yourself.

No Literally Nick Cannon spotted in Disney like .. right now . So a Disney worker posted a picture on the Disney Land Celeb Instagram , where everyone noticed that Nick Cannon was wearing a really thick sweater and a bucket hat, which made people really , really hot just looking at. Then a picture went up of the same thick sweater and bucket hand locking hands so it was obvious that it was Nick Cannon spotted in Disney with New girlfriend.

I won’t go as far as to call her the new girlfriend, we won’t give Mariah a heart attack in the middle of her Infinity Tour, but I will say they were openly holding hands and pretty affectionate. Can’t get nything past anyone, Nick is legit still is Disney land and already pictures from fans strolling through have already posted the pictures of Nick Cannon Spotted in Disney

The Dutchess