Like father like daughter, little miss Royalty will be stunting like her Daddy in miniature versions of his luxury cars.

Like any father Chris Brown wants everything and anything that is best for his little girl. Even if she can’t properly use it, Royalty will have it. The adorable one year old now has three child play cars that are identical to her father’s.

For her first birthday present Chris Brown had three custom made cars for her, an all black Range Rover and a black and turquoise Lamborghini. Each car has leather and suede interiors, custom rims, working headlights, and the matching paint job. These small cars were $2,500 each but of course Chris Brown got a nice deal from JC Customz in Bellflower Ca.

Little Miss Royalty celebrated her birthday at Chuck E Cheese in May but her father was not able to make it. Duty calls when your an celebrity but Chris will make it up to her, this just might be the start. To may gifts for the baby. We can not wait to see videos of her riding around in her new cars. I wonder which one will be her favorite to drive in!

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