Before we jump to conclusions, his $1million bail that was set is strictly for the weapon he used to murder the 9 victims at the AME Church in Charleston. According to written law, the magistrate overseeing the bond hearing is not allowed to issue bail for the murders.

Roof is currently sitting in solitary confinement, next to the officer who killed Walter Scott ironically, and he is facing 9 murder charges. Today, he faced a judge for a bond hearing where he was issued a bail of $1 million for the gun that was used in the massacre. If Roof’s attorney decides to ask for bail on the murder charges, he will have to face a circuit judge on a different date.

Roof is currently being represented by a public defender, however, much of her testimony in the call for bail has not been made public. The magistrate in the case acknowledged the families and the community that have been affected by the massacre Roof committed, but he also mentioned that Roof’s family members are also victims in his crimes.

Ironically, family members of the victims appeared before the judge, while Roof attended court via video from the jail, and they told him they forgave him but did describe the pain they were going through. They are definitely some strong people to be able to address him and forgive him so quickly after the events took place just a couple days ago.

Although Dylann Roof received the bail, he will not be getting out of jail. If he somehow posts the $1 million bail, he will not be able to walk because he still faces the additional 9 murder charges. At which point, if a judge does grant him bail on those charges, I cannot imagine how he will be able to get the funds to pay as the amount will probably be in the millions again.


Source: Post And Courier