Love & Hip Hop’s Jhonni Blaze was seen in a video on Instagram fighting an unknown girl. According to Jhonni, she was defending her underaged cousin who was being attacked!

Ahh, its all in the family! You remember when you got into some beef growing up–or maybe when you were older–and your cousins were right there with you ready to ride out? Well, it looks Jhonni Blaze is that cousin you call when you have beef!

A short clip was posted on Instagram and it showed a thick, Jhonni Blaze on top of another girl in a hoodie. A second later, someone recording seemed to be hit as well after Jhonni approaches them cursing! Where is VH1 when you really need them??

The Clip…

According to Jhonni, she was defending her cousin who was about to be jumped by two 21 year old girls who planned on filming the fight. The only question I have is, where is the rest of the video? Somewhat seems like a ploy since it was so short. Either way, we can’t deny that Jhonni was looking thicker than a snicker while getting it in with those girls. LOL!

One thing we can guarantee after this video is Jhonni will definitely be on the next season of LHHNY if they decide to bring it back uptop!