It’s no secret that Kanye loves Kanye but when TMZ photogs caught up with the rapper he gave us one more example of just how much he loves himself and his work. Check out what Mr. West had to say about his upcoming album after the jump.

As Kanye hopped out of his car at LAX on Friday, one of the paparazzi asked him what he was listening to during his car ride. Kanye replied, ‘New sh*t, next album sh*t, new sh*t, new fire.’

He seemed so proud to say that about his upcoming album which is currently titled SWISH. He was super friendly and nice with the paparazzi which is definitely a different look for the rapper who has had a rough history with the photogs.

Mr. West made it clear that this album will be fire and judging by his previous albums he probably knows what he’s talking about. This will be Kanye’s seventh studio album.

Check out the video below.

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Source TMZ